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Our credit card has been charged $9.95 a month for the past 4 months for something that we never charged. We had no idea of where these charges were coming from and we cannnot get our credit card company to anything about them.

They are telling us there is nothing they can do. We have also asked them to block any further charges to our account from this company and they have yet to do so. WPI Ifriends Elite needs to be stopped and found out.

I never expected something like this to happen to me and here we are.

Youngstown Ohio

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Dodge City, Kansas, United States #622026

Same thing happend to me today had to cancel my debit card and get a new one ordered today

Hi everybody im nearly in chock ifriends WPI have nearly ripped my vicacard for 1000$ on just 3 days my bank has cancelled my account so they cant get anymore money out of me. I dont now how they can do it, they have my card information and it´s surely not me they got it from.

Mayby my cardinformation was stolen in spain becaurce i just arrived home sunday and its the day they startet taking money from my account My girlfriend and me considering to handle the case to the danish police.

Someone must have being looking over my shoulder when i was online. Im very mad at the company but i can see im not the only one theres ripped off by this internetchatside

Best Regards To everyone :cry

I just had the same thing happen to me. I filled out a complaint form to the FBI.


I am the same got taken for 3 charges the last 1 was for over 26 pounds, carn't even find there phone number

Candor, North Carolina, United States #151271

You're all a bunch of lying perverted deuche bags lol


dats messed up cause i checked my statement online and at first it was not dere den like an hour later its dere


iam having same problem help


everyone needs to call the atorney general and have them shut down now i got screwed out of 300$ and i dont eaven know what this site is *** bastards


looks like it just me that they are ripping off but yours as well. i have cancelled my membership and i am still getting billed to my account of 6.95 and 7.95 a month from them.i have tried to email them 5 times and do not get an answer back from them as well in customer care centre.


pls anbody can help me to trace out the exact email address of WPIFREINDSELITE which continously getting money on my credit card. i never been done any membership on this site....


ok, i too am haveing difficulty with this 'company'. Me and my wife have found there charges on our card ,but have never seen their web site before today.

o how did they know our card number?

Also it seems that they gave specific billing information to a secret billing company called, is then taking out $49.97 a month for service's through this WPI IFRIENDS ELITE!!. I dont even know what the Ifriends elite is!!!!


I am experiencing exactly the same rip off on my credit card,by "wpi ifriends elite" but I dont know how to stop it. "HELP".

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