Wpi*friends has been chargin my account month after month for 6.95...how do i stop this....i don't kow exactly how you got my information but please make it stop...im not quit sure what happened but i just recently notced the chargers that equal up to a nice amount of money...not worried bout gettin it back just need it to stop now....can anyone help me in finding ways to make it stop...is there any solution to this problem...greatly appreactied if you have input

e-mail at g_town2007@yahoo.com

thank you,carlos perez

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hey Paul Franko... are you F*ing stoned or something?

:p Well what can i tell you guys... we got into the same SH&T as you are all here... soooo... we made a call to our bank and they said that they can stop all this and refund the money (we'll see how that gonna work)...

but if that BS will cotinue just change your credit card or even account, names and brains and next time dont put you credit card info if you are not intend to pay...even if it says FREE...daaaah!!! :grin ...

thats whole thing is pretty F Up !!! :?


Let him not be angry i bank account no touched it because we do not have money, since I am two of our child in a poor family they are at me and stop it please. I am not millionaire

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