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I Received at least $120.00 worth of charges from this *** site for some reason. I started getting them after signing my 7 yr old son up to club penguin thinking that this $9.00 charge was related to the club Pengiun membership as they get billed on almost the same day every month.

How the *** do I get this money back, and get these slime from taking more money from me. Its people like this that prey on the unsuspecting who are trying to give thier kids a little fun , while in the meantime I am losing my home due to this screwed up economy

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Sounds like you need to cancel the card. that wot I would do :roll


Maybe you pressed the buy membershit button 1200,000,000 times? xD

Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #21604

I am recieving charges on my credit card for WPI*FRIENDS for 9.95 a month and want it stopped. How do I get them to stop charging me. :?

Columbus, North Carolina, United States #5915

Some how I am getting billed from the company and don't even know who they are.

Pikesville, Maryland, United States #2946

I havent even signed up for this company to provide anything, and bastards keep taking money.

Odenton, Maryland, United States #2936

i getting from this company which wasnt supposed to happen you please let them stop billing me cansel every thing thank you

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