I had recently received 4 charges to my account from WPI FRIENDS INTERNET. After calling and talking to Brian, he was nice enough to have the charges removed with no further hassle. However, I realized that they had incurred a $35 NSF fee onto my account due to a check I had written at the time.

After speaking to my bank, I was told that they were liable since the charges they had assessed to my account, although they were processing, made the $35 NSF occur. So I called back expecting to receive the same amount of courtesy as when I had spoken with Brian. WRONG.

I got on the line first with a horrible rep named Amanda who wouldn't even let me speak, so I asked to speak to her supervisor: Nicole. Nicole as it turns out is the quintessence of deplorable, un-professionalism as it occurs in the customer service market. To say that I was angry after speaking with this girl would be an understatement. I WAS PISSED.

She continued to berate me, while not allowing me to speak at all, even getting to the point where she would yell and scream in order to talk over me. I was amazed. She told me not only that Brian was wrong in refunding my fees but that the bank would have to call her because she wasn't talking to me. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she replied back that she "has none." and that she is accountable to no one within interior as customer service at WPI friends consists of 20 people with 3 supervisors accountable only to each other(her, Peggy, Brian).

I felt reassured that the call would be recorded and when I asked if this was the case she replied "No, my line is not recorded." So, basically they have an operation where no one is accountable to a hierarchy and they can essentially conduct business in whichever way they desire. In the business terms she told me to *** off and take a hike because I wasn't deemed responsible enough to talk to her. Yet, my banker was. I didn't cuss, yell, or do anything of the sort to set her off on this tangent. In fact, I almost told her to shut-up because there was no reason for her to continue on like this. Oh well, I will laugh at her when she has to refund my bank account. :)

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